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Before we add the Starcoins, Diamond & VIP to your account you need to VERIFY that you are human and not a software(automated bot) to prevent user's from abusing our generator.

After successfull completetion of the offer, the Starcoins, Diamond & VIP will be addded to your account in just few minutes.


    1 Click on "VERIFY".

    2 Choose any offer and complete it.

    3 Refresh the Game Page.

    4 Check your MovieStarPlanet account for the Starcoins, Diamonds & VIP.

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MSP Hack 2016

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    Introducing the Moviestarplanet Hack 2016

    To give you the unlimited Starcoins, Diamonds and VIP in MovieStarPlanet Account that you desire, here is the latest MovieStarPlanet hack 2016 available for the game. It’s called the Moviestarplanet Hack 2016 and is proven to be very effective in helping you get as much Diamonds, VIP, Starcoins, and Fame as your heart desires. What’s more, the steps are so easy, even children can follow them. This hack has been designed and developed to give you items that are hard to achieve when you play in free mode or even if you pay lots of money using the site’s in-game purchase options.

    The Moviestarplanet Hack 2016 is also compatible with all devices including mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. You don’t have to swap gadgets just to get and use the hack. The makers have also made sure that navigating through the site to get the hack is easy and not swamped with lots of popups and redirects. Using the hack will be easy and straightforward, without the usual hassles found in other providers of hacks for the MovieStarPlanet game.

    Can We Get Unlimited Resources With This Moviestarplanet Hack 2016?

    Well, every gamer dreams of having unlimited items. In a shooting game, players usually desire unlimited ammo, unlimited health, and all the weapons available at their disposal. Moviestar Planet players are not different. With unlimited items, imagine what you can achieve in the game, and the areas and features that you can access and explore — not to mention the bragging rights as you show your online friends how fabulous your virtual life as a movie star is. It all comes with unlimited items.

    There is actually a way to get free and unlimited Diamonds, Swag, VIP, Starcoins, and Fame. This is what this site is offering you. Just follow the steps provided and you’re well on your way to living the glamorous life as one of the most famous celebrities the MovieStarPlanet world.

    How Does MSP Hack 2016 Work?

    The makers have already took care of the hacking part for you so you don’t have to go through the firewalls and security features of the site. There is now a very efficient way to circumvent the game’s protection to generate items at whim and as requested by the hack’s users. Players are guaranteed that using the MSP hack 2016 is easy and that there will be no learning curve at all. The whole registration, data entry, and survey process should take no longer than a few minutes. That’s correct — a few minutes of your time is all it will take for you to get as many free items as you want and advance your level in the Moviestar Planet game.

    All you need to do is get in the hacking section of the site and put in your MovieStarPlanet ID. It’s the ID you created when you initially created your account in the online game. You then need to select your device and click on "CONNECT" button, Now put the number of items you need and click the "GENERATE" button. The hacking tool will then generate the selected Items for MSP your account, Just Refresh the game page and now have access to unlimited items in the game.

    What Is The MovieStarPlanet Game?

    With the multitude of games currently available on the Internet, one game is getting increasingly popular with the young people. The game is called MovieStarPlanet.

    Moviestar Planet is an online game whose main target is the younger generation, especially the children. Unlike other games, however, wherein players are on their own while roaming the Moviestar Planet universe, this game also doubles as a social networking site. Each player gets to play as a movie star and then communicate and socialize with other players that are currently online. This type of interaction makes the game more exciting because it’s like players are living the life of a real celebrity while mingling with other famous people like them.

    To advance in the game, the player needs to gather certain items which he or she gets after accomplishing particular tasks. These items are called Diamonds, Swag, Starcoins, VIP and Fame. Getting these items can be tedious but if a player wants to advance faster, he or she can always buy it from the site. Paying also gives the player access to game features that are not available to the free playing gamers. But that where Player's can use our MovieStarPlanet Hack 2016 tool, to generate free resources for MSP accounts.


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    Gary Miller

    How long does it take before the diamonds and starcoins were added to your account?

    Doug Grant

    It took me about 2 mins

    Charles Scott

    Wow amazing hack tool. worked for me too !

    Ellen Greene

    Thanks for creating such an awesome Hack.